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What is a SHAPESHAPE slimming clothing?

A SHAPESHAPE, from SKINUP Laboratory, slimming garment is a cosmetotextile that combines the expertise of both cosmetics and textiles. The textile includes microcapsules that will release on the skin and provide a cosmetic care even more effective than a slimming or moisturizing cream or a spa benefit.

SKINUP's Laboratory expertise is based on the combination of several patented technologies representing the company's know-how and enabling the best centimeter losses in the market to be displayed:

  • microencapsulation,
  • active mineral fibers,
  • a self-massage textured knitting mode.


What is microencapsulation?

Microencapsulation consists in isolating microcapsules of 5 microns diameter on average, containing carefully selected and measured natural cosmetic active ingredients. The release of these millions of microcapsules, fixed on the fibers, is carried out in a controlled progressive way by friction of the fabric on the skin to guarantee an effective care and incomparable results.



What is an active mineral fiber?

All SHAPESHAPE skincare products are made of active mineral fibers (ceramic or jade), which are known for their slimming, draining, thermoregulating and detoxifying properties, helping to speed up the slimming and detox treatment process.

SKINUP's Laboratory holds the "Cosmeto-Ceramic®" patent which combines mineral fibers and microcapsules of cosmetic active ingredients.

Active mineral fiber guarantees textile performance over time. The mineral fiber is not altered during washing, its draining properties are preserved.



What is the raw material of SHAPESHAPE cosmetotextiles?

The raw material of SHAPESHAPE  textiles is composed of 2 main elements:

  • the cosmetic active principles,
  • fibers: elastane, polyamide, cotton.

Note: Ceramic and Jade fibers are part of the composition of Polyamide

The active ingredients of SHAPESHAPE garments are of natural origin and consist mainly of Fucus Vesiculosus seaweed and Safflower seed oil. They are selected to bring to the epidermis an even more important care than a slimming cream or a benefit dispensed in thalassotherapy, thanks to the gradual and controlled diffusion of the cosmetic care throughout the day and / or night.



What benefits does SHAPESHAPE clothing bring?

SHAPESHAPE, from SKINUP Laboratory, technology control brings many benefits:

to slim down, to shape up and smooth the silhouette, to flatten the belly, to gain weight, to massage, to reduce the appearance of the skin, to moisturize, to thermoregulate ... while bringing comfort and wellbeing, without efforts and without constraints.

SHAPESHAPE textiles can also be used during sports activities. Some of our slimming textiles have been developed to provide maximum comfort and result during and after exercise. Move, slim down!

How and when to wear SHAPESHAPE clothing?

SHAPESHAPE garments can be worn indoors or outdoors, under clothing or in full dress, under formal wear or just at home. Day or night!

A cosmetotextile acts thanks to the natural friction of the textile on the skin. The textile must be in direct contact with the skin. It is therefore advisable to wear a panty liner or string so that cosmetics can act on the largest body surface.


It is possible to wear cosmetotextiles day and night, these products are guaranteed for immediate wear comfort. However, the effectiveness of textiles is closely related to the friction of the textile on your skin, so we advise you to wear them during the day.


To make the most of the beneficial effects of your cosmetotextile, we recommend that you wear it for a consecutive period of 28 days for 8 hours a day.



What is the lifespan of the treatment?

Our care textiles contain cosmetic active ingredients whose lifespan varies between 30 and 35 washes depending on the use and maintenance of the product.


The release of the microencapsulated active ingredients is controlled during the first month of use, ideally at 8 hours and one wash per day. Following this first action, the slimming action then continues beyond the life of the cosmetic actives. Indeed, your care textile keeps all its slimming properties since the active fibers and the knitting mode are not altered.


You can extend the use of your care textile by applying on your textile the slimming mist that you will find in our online shop.

How to maintain my slimming clothes?

To ensure the durability of the assets of your care textile, it is recommended to wash by hand or machine (30 °), with or without softener. The dryer must not be used.


What is the storage date of the garment?

The shelf life of the textile (unopened and unworn packaging) is 36 months. After opening the packaging, it is recommended to use the product within 12 months to keep all the slimming properties of the textile.

How are the dermatological tests performed?

Our clinical tests are carried out by independent laboratories under dermatological control, supervised by doctors.


The tests are carried out under dermatological monitoring, without any change in eating habits or sports activity, and on a representative sample of 30 to 100 women volunteers.

How to choose my weight loss and size?

Our e-shop helps you to choose your care textile according to:

-          areas of the body that you want to work, be it the thighs, the buttocks, the belly, the hips ...

-          targeted objectives: anti-cellulite, refining, remodeling, moisturizing ...

-          how to use: to play sports, underwear, for a party ...

For each of the items in our collections, we provide a sizing chart allowing you to choose the most appropriate size.

We advise you before any purchase to take the measurements of your waist, hips, thighs and refer to our size chart.



How to use my slimming leggings? Should it be squeezed?

To optimize the effect of your slimming clothing, it must be sufficiently adjusted to your skin so that the microcapsules release their contents on the skin by friction.

As your textile is made up of compression zones and a specific knitting mode, to provide a continuous massage on your skin, it is necessary that your product is adjusted and sheathed without discomfort.

Can you wear slimming clothes during pregnancy or breastfeeding?

Our cosmetotextiles are subjected to strict clinical and toxicological tests and meet all the requirements of the European cosmetic regulation.

However, as a precautionary measure, we do not advise pregnant or lactating women to use our cosmetotextiles, as no clinical study has been conducted with them to guarantee the absence of side effects.

Are there risks of allergy?

Our textiles and our cosmetic formulas are subject to patch test to control the safety and eliminate any risk of toxicity. However, some people may be allergic to certain substances in a product. The list of substances is recalled in the product description for this purpose.

With blood circulation problems, can I use your products?

In case of heavy blood circulation problems, we advise you to contact your doctor first before any use of our products to ensure the perfect match of the product with any diseases.

Can I be delivered outside mainland France?

We can deliver to you anywhere in the world. The shipping time and the shipping costs will be adapted according to the country of delivery.

I cannot find appropriate answers to my questions?

However, if you do not find any element allowing you to answer your questions, you can directly write to us at the address below. Our advisers will take care to return to you as soon as possible.