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Skin’Up created the precious textile with jade fibers and has been awarded for the third time at “les Victoire de la Beauté”. Skin’Up, the French company of smart textiles, is based in the Cosmetic Valley in the region Centre and has adjusted a high-tech unique fiber that contains Jade, a precious gem that has the properties to lower the body’s temperature. This technique is inspired by cryotherapy. Whenever a body is cold, it burns more calories. Skin’Up, who also is a pioneer into smart textiles, has the idea to make a mineral thread in which it has introduced Jade thanks to a 2 years R&D process. Jade, besides its relaxing properties, has the ability to lower the body’s temperature. Whenever we wear the Jade fiber clothe directly on the skin, the fresh sensation is almost immediate and the body lower its temperature of 1.8°C. Not enough to freeze, of course, but just enough to provoke an efficient reaction of the body, who, to compensate the heat loss, will burn its fat stock faster. Combined to the slimming cosmetic microencapsulated formula, which Skin’Up trademark, the new technology made of Jade fibers enable a triple action of the cloth on the body: an immediate reshaping with the seamless 3D knitting that sculpt the silhouette and continuously massaging it, slimming results after 7 days enabled by the microencapsulated marine active ingredients in the thread as well as a slimming activator thanks to the Jade fiber that boosts up calories loss by lowering the body’s temperature.

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