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Cellutex clothes have been developed and conceived for the ones who are looking for slimming results and sports performance. Recommended for sports practice, it benefits od the patented cosmeto-ceramic® technology, a French innovation. Cellutex clothes contain cosmetics microcapsules with phytomarine active ingredients, a natural ingredient that enables to improve the body’s thermoregulation. These clothes will enable: toxins elimination and slimming efficiency by losing on average 3.7cm on the thigh circumference and 5.4cm on the waist circumference thanks to the microencapsulated complex. The skin is progressively strengthened and embellished. All of these results have been proven by clinical tests and satisfaction test. This is a sports performance during the effort. The compression effect improves muscle oxygenation and delays the muscular fatigue. The micro-encapsulated natural active ingredients enable a maximum moisturization and a long-term increase of performance. Recovery and muscular tone are possible thanks to the knitted ceramic fibers. Seamless 3D knitted, this product range brings a support and an unequaled comfort during your sports practices.

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